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.awesome KAMPI

My hand-made red bow  for Ms. Leiko. (

Thanks for appreciating my work! 

I specially made this for you,  hope you like it. :)

This is so fluffy! ♥

I made it last December 11, 2011

My birthday gift for my dearest friend Xielyn! :)

I feel so productive today! HAHAHA =))

Hello Thurr. My Panda Kitty with the red bow hair clip I made today. 

Yah, That’s Me. 

Yow. Good evening. :)

Tomorrow will be another productive day. [ I think so. I HOPE SO ]

After stitching for almost two (2) days (bare hands) sort of boredom and passionately like Domo Kun stuff, 

I ended up doing this! HAHAHA =))

BWUAHAHAHA =)) My Epic Failed hand-stitch DOMO KUN JACKET! 

(Pardon me with ugly output.)

I am in the mood to accomplish one of my projects.

Next might be the Panda, Mustache or SWAG (Typo only)

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